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Gespottet in Turin, Italy
Datum 2024-04-05 09:57

July 2017 On a random day of July 2017 I've caught this really nice black Lambo driving around the city centre, I'm not too satisfied about the pics but I think they are decent enough for being posted haha.


Camera model COOLPIX L840
Shutterspeed 1/250 sec.
Focal length 32.7 mm

Auto details

Höchstgeschwindigkeit 325 KM/H
Beschleunigung 0-100 KM/H 3.20 s
Ps 610 HP
Drehmoment 560 Nm @ 6500 RPM
Gewicht 1422 kg

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    ITALY Nico21  -  um 10:55


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    ITALY Dalzzz  -  um 11:55


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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  um 02:03

    @Nico21 @Dalzzz Grazie mille ragazzi!

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    UNITED KINGDOM JJMad  -  um 09:52


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    ITALY JACK888 Turin Spotter  -  um 12:36

    @JJMad Thanks!

  6. Das ist nicht ok

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