Spotter jasper1 yourdailysupercar
Gespottet in Laren (NH), Netherlands
Datum 2022-11-15 20:35

What a car! This might just be the most spotted new Phantom on the site, since this will be the 29th (!) time this car is uploaded on the site. These pics are from Juni 2020 and since the car has gotten a insanely good looking dark purple wrap (or maybe even a re spray?). I also really like the license plate with the RR (Rolls Royce) and the P (Phantom).

Auto details

Höchstgeschwindigkeit 250 KM/H
Beschleunigung 0-100 KM/H 5.30 s
Ps 570 HP
Drehmoment 900 Nm @ 1700 RPM
Gewicht 2560 kg

Kommentare für diesen spot

  1. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS  -  um 06:36

    Hele mooie spot!

  2. Das ist nicht ok

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