Spotter ramins thesupercarsofriga
Gespottet in Riga, Latvia
Datum 2019-06-16 22:08

McLaren 570S MSO High Downforce Kit . Looked through all 42 pages of McLaren 570S on Autogespot and there were no such a configuration, so I thought this might be a bit more special type than the stock 570S . Also, McLaren 570S MSO High Downforce Kit was announced about two weeks ago and it costs around 10'000 dollars .

Auto details

Höchstgeschwindigkeit 328 km/u
Beschleunigung 0-100 km/u 3.20 s
Ps 570 pk
Drehmoment 600 Nm @ 5000 tpm
Gewicht 1313 kg

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    Rens Jobse  -  um 23:19


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    Beamen  -  um 18:40

    Nice catch, man! #Voted

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    ramins  -  um 21:50

    [@Rens Jobse] , [@Beamen] Thanks !

  4. Das ist nicht ok

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