Spotter Jjrivero
Gespottet in Seattle (WA), United States of America
Datum 2022-11-11 01:53

I found this Acura NSX at a beautiful gated house near the Seattle Tennis Club. I used the ringer to call and ask if I could take some photos of the NSX and a friendly elderly lady came out and asked me if I could wait a few minutes for her husband to arrive. Shortly afterward, he arrived and allowed me to take photos. I talked to the very friendly owner and he showed me the supercharger that he had installed. I was also able to take a photo of my little brother in the NSX. It was a great experience!

Auto details

Höchstgeschwindigkeit 270 KM/H
Beschleunigung 0-100 KM/H 5.60 s
Ps 270 HP
Drehmoment 285 Nm @ 5300 RPM
Gewicht 1354 kg

Kommentare für diesen spot

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hoosier_Exotics  -  um 01:58

    Awesome find and spec! Very rare car nowadays! Beautiful car and house! Great narrative as well!

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Hoosier_Exotics  -  um 02:00

    Also great shots and scenery! Looks like one of the Forza horizon houses location

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Lambo_Spotter  -  um 06:08

    Very cool spot! That house looks sweet. Congrats on SOTD!

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    NETHERLANDS sanderwubs  -  um 06:15

    Nice spot

  5. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Carspotter-Arjan  -  um 06:35

    Great spot!

  6. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS Rover-Spots  -  um 07:28

    Awesome find! Cool spec on this one!

  7. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS fritsel  -  um 09:52

    Cool spot and nice story! looks like a nice house?

  8. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM Miles A.  -  um 11:34

    Awesome spot and story! Well deserved SOTD! ?

  9. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  um 12:25

    Beautiful NSX and amazing find, great spot!

  10. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Horse-Power  -  um 12:49

    Well done on getting the chance to shoot this Japanese lady, Jonathan. Very cool narrative. Have a great weekend, buddy.

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    NETHERLANDS Monaro  -  um 14:30

    Great spot! Very special car these days ??

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    Ferrari-Lamborghini Fan  -  um 17:35

    Stunning and awesome spec from this car !!!!!!!

  13. Profile pic
    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  -  um 22:00

    Stunning find and spec Jonathan!! Congratulations on SOTD!

  14. Profile pic
    HUNGARY ShaytonSky  -  um 22:21

    What an awesome spot and cool story! Not something that is likely to happen where I live... :/ And the house/garden looks beautiful too! Well done bro!

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    SLOVAKIA davidko15  -  um 17:46

    Absolutely stunning spot, I love this car!

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    NETHERLANDS  -  um 19:41

    Awesome find!

  17. Profile pic
    HUNGARY PcArzenal  -  um 20:58

    Awesome !

  18. Profile pic
    BELGIUM Freakkkk  -  um 21:52

    Nice find!

  19. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS thomcarspotter  -  um 17:33

    That's cool! Nice location too! And cool spec!

  20. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS LucasH  -  um 11:31

    Awesome narrative to go along with this unique car! Great catch mate.

  21. Profile pic
    NETHERLANDS joos straetmans  -  um 22:55

    Very nice spot of this rare car. Nice story too. Any idea what is hidden behind the garage doors?

  22. Profile pic
    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  um 23:40

    [@joos straetmans]
    Thanks! Unfortunately I do not.

  23. Das ist nicht ok

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