Spotter Dreeke
Gespottet in Cannes, France
Datum 2018-11-01 18:28

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    thetruespotter  -  um 18:39

    Dreeke you are pathetic uploading your best summer spots every day just before 7pm

  2. Profile pic
    Dreeke  -  um 18:49

    @thetruespotter if you think so, why waste your time like this? There is no rule against this on autogespot, if there was i wouldn’t do this but there isn’t, so i’m allowed to do this.

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    thetruespotter  -  um 19:02

    It's not because it is allowed it isn't pathetic. Well it is.

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    Dreeke  -  um 19:05

    @thetruespotter you can think that, but that does not matter to me

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    europeancarshotsinsta  -  um 19:08

    @thetruspotter mine are better hahaha

  6. Profile pic
    thetruespotter  -  um 19:12

    I voted for you europeancarshotsinsta just because I am tired of Dreeke ;-)

  7. Profile pic
    Dreeke  -  um 19:16

    @thetruespotter that does not matter to me, i just love it to see how irritated you are.

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    thetruespotter  -  um 19:33

    I also voted for europeancarshotinsta because it is true his photos are better and also because he uploads his photos at anytime of the day not just between 6pm and 7pm. I am glad you are happy Dreeke to be a loser

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    Dreeke  -  um 20:34

    @thetruespotter yes i am happy for sure

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    HAWK  -  um 20:52

    Nice debate, mates. I'm glad to add 10'th comment. Just this :P

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    HAWK  -  um 21:05

    Oh and please don't fight and don't kill me when I'll start uploading mine. As a "thank you" I'll provide some interesting spots from Ferrat, Beaulieu and Eze. I can also try not to upload everything between 6 and 7 p.m...

  12. Das ist nicht ok

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