Spotter superfast
Gespottet in Tel Aviv, Israel
Datum 2018-04-05 18:10

I spotted this rare BMW near Dov Field Airport,Tel Aviv.At first glance I was sure it's just another M3,and we got plenty of those here....When I got closer I realized that it's not quite the case.This particular car is VERY rare sight in Israel,so rare I forgot that it existed here,funny but true.This beauty is an E92 M3 Frozen Silver Edition-One of just a hundred.It was imported here in early 2011 after it was sent to the German tuning house Att-Tec.The car used to have ADV 1 5.0 MV2's but now it sits on HRE's.I would prefer the ADV's but anyway that's a great looking and rare beamer (: .

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